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ITeRATIO d.d. was founded in October 2007. Currently we have 17 employees working in the field of telecommunications. Our focus is on telecommunication systems for Operators based on IP/DWDM/ OTN/NG-SDH/PDH/GPON technologies – including network design, equipment distribution and installation, project engineering and system integration and maintenance.

ITeRATIO d.d. is Value Added Reseller companies: ADVA Optical Networking (one of the leading providers of network solutions for fixed network operators) and Coriant (one of the leading providers of network solutions for fixed and mobile network operators).

ITeRATIO d.d. can provide professional services for our customers. Mainly, we are concentrated to provide best in class SLA – Service Level Agreement. For that service we have established support organization able to react in very short time on complete territory during defined period.

Our goal is expand on domestic and regional market to become leading provider in telecom solutions and services for incumbent and alternative operators.


Slavonska avenija 24/6
10000 Zagreb

tel: +385 (1) 2371 851
fax: +385 (1) 2371 770

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